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As they say "First impression is the last impression", one must enter the interview room in a confident manner. The first step is to politely ask for permission to enter the room. One has to shut the door after entering and the walk should be steady and confident. An assertive smile is very important at...

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Incorrect: I live in the India.

Correct: I live in India

Incorrect: I live in United States of America.

Correct: I live in the United States of America

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Rahul and Sachin just became friends with Mehak, and they want to know
when her birthday is. Mehak gives them a list of 10 possible dates:
May 15 May 16 May 19
June 17 June 18
July 14 July 16
August 14 August 15 August 17

Mehak then tells Rahul and Sachin separately the month and the day of her
birthday respectively.

Rahul: I don’t know when Mehak’s birthday is, but I know that Sachin
does not know too.
Sachin: At first I did not know Mehak’s birthday, but I know now.
Rahul: Then I also know when Mehak’s birthday is.


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1. How can we define a bank? 

A bank can be defined as a financial institution which accepts deposits from the public and gives loans. 

2. How many nationalized banks there in India?

 How many PSU banks are there in India? No. of Nationalized Banks: 19 No. of PSU (Public Sector Undertaking) Banks: 27

 3. What are Nationalized Banks?

 Nationalized banks are the banks which were nationalized by government of India in two phases: 1969: Total 14 banks were nationalized 1980: Total 6 banks were nationalized That makes a total of 20 nationalized banks but later in 1993 New Bank of India was acquired by Punjab National Bank. Therefore there are 19 banks which were in private hands earlier but later nationalized. SBI and its five associate banks are not called nationalized banks. Neither is IDBI called a nationalized bank.

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SBI clerical exams have been held at various centres. The feedback of the candidates shows us that the paper was not very difficult. Most candidates were able to attempt a lot of questions for all the sections.

IBPS PO exams have been held at various centres. The feedback of the candidates shows us that the paper was not very difficult.

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Difference between direct taxes and indirect taxes?

What is money laundering?

What is inflation?

Is inflation always bad?

How does RBI control inflation?

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Cause to feel shame; hurt the pride of someone


He was abased by his friends when he told about his village.


Chagrin, Humiliate, Mortify

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Septemeber 2014

What makes you succeed in recruitment exams. Is it your level of preparation only or is something else? How much does strategy matter in these exams?

October 2014

Now that SBI exams are almost over, let's see what are the changes in these exams and what can be expected in the upcoming IBPS PO as well as Clerical exams.